1. He's Good

From the recording He's Good

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You’ve been walking for so long
You have forgotten who you are
Where you’re going; where you’re from
Though it’s apparent from the scars

You’ve been in the thick of things
Have tasted of the bitter springs, of life
Made your share of stupid mistakes
And have paid them all with much heart ache

But here you are, standing still
Earnestly trying to refill
Though he’s tried, the enemy
Has failed and brought only clarity

No matter what you’re worshiping
The One who has sustained you through everything
For each time you fill falling away
You can count on His embrace

He’s good
He’s merciful,
He’s wonderful,
His peace surpasses all that’s understood

If you’re not fully trusted Him, you should

You should trust in Jesus is true He is good
He will heal and restore, He’ll forgive and He’ll open the door